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All about the team and how we’re different to your usual telecom provider.

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With roots going back as far as 1992, we at Cloud Based Solutions provide a variety of services which expand further than just telecoms. We’re also a utility and water provider too. We supply Water, Gas, Electric, Telecoms, Equipment, Computers, Printers, Business Telephone systems and much more. 

The original basis for Cloud Based Solutions was to challenge the industry as well as ourselves to offer a better service than the big top dogs. That’s why our customer service is second to none and we truly believe that.

We pride ourselves to the commitment of getting the job done at a budget that fits our clients. No matter what we’re providing or sourcing.

About the Team
About our background

Our Background

At Cloud Based Solutions, we consist of a team of knowledgeable and skilful individuals. We are customer focused to ensure we can provide the utmost best service possible. 

What makes our team even better is that we live for everything from telecoms to broadband and all the detail in between. You’ll know you’re in a safe hands when you chat to us.