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Introduction to Telecoms

Telecoms with solutions to completely transform your organisations

We understand the importance of telecoms so much so, we have partnered with a variety of organisations to provide numerous systems each suited to different requirements. If you haven’t already, speak to one of our team to see the power of our telecoms.

What's available?

Hosted Telecoms

There is a lot of talk around Hosted Telephony currently. This is probably a result of Openreach’s announcement that they will switch off the traditional phone line networks by 2025. Hosted is being put forward as the obvious replacement for a traditional on-site phone system, but what is Hosted Telephony?

Cloud Based Solutions supply the award-winning Horizon Hosted Telephony service. Horizon is a telephone service that resides in the cloud rather than your office. It can still have familiar looking VoIP desk phones, but there is no PBX on site. When the VoIP phones are connected to the internet, they will automatically connect to the Horizon Servers, located in secure UK based data centres.

Horizon provides all the usual PBX features such as extension numbers, DDI numbers, Hunt Groups, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail etc. The range of fixed & mobile telephony capabilities are accessed through an easy-to-use web portal. The Horizon portal allows administrators to easily manage and control the phone system. Similarly, employees can control their own calls to maximise their productivity.

Horizon is suitable for any size of business. It offers a simple, reliable & proven approach to telephony & communications, providing an ideal way to improve productivity and image.

Because there is no PBX to purchase & install, Horizon can be implemented with only a minimal outlay. Costs are based on a simple per-seat basis, you only pay for what you need. Horizon helps businesses become more efficient by enabling flexible work environments through hot-desking, home working and extending the service to mobile devices. The cost benefits of IP telephony can reduce call spend by providing free site-to-site calls and cheaper call rates generally.

Horizon offers many optional services such as Call Recording, Call Centre working, Database integration. Apps are available for numerous devices such as Reception Console, smart phones & tablets, MACs & PC’s. 

Cloud Telecoms

VoIP often means just one infrastructure (network) is needed for both boardband and VoIP. With VoIP you do not necessarily need to use a physical phone. Apps can be used with smartphones & tablets and even on Windows PC’s & MAC’s. A Headset may be needed when using an App on a PC.

It took a while for confidence in VoIP to be built up in the UK. Many phone systems were installed using VoIP desk phones, but the phone lines connected to the phone system continued to be ISDN digital lines or PSTN analogue lines. Businesses were confident of there being plenty of Bandwidth available on an internal LAN, but the internet connection connecting the business with the outside world, often could not be guaranteed to have sufficient bandwidth to support VoIP. Only those businesses that needed to invest in a fast & reliable internet connection anyway, could also take advantage of VoIP to reduce phone line costs. 

The last 10 years or so has seen huge advances in Broadband technology. This and reducing costs in internet connectivity generally, has seen many more businesses replace traditional lines with SIP Trunks. SIP Trunks are cheaper to install, cost less in monthly rental charges and often include an allowance for local, national and mobile calls. Migration to VoIP is now happening at such a rate that it has caused BT Openreach to say they will no longer be able to maintain the traditional voice networks, from the revenue they generate. Hence the switch off of PSTN & ISDN in 2025.

All phone lines will go. This means Residential & Business lines. When a phone line gets switched off the phone number will cease to be recognised. Therefore all numbers that need to be retained, will need to be migrate to alternative products before the switch off date.

Any service that uses a stand-alone phone line to communicate will need to find an alternative method. Examples are Lift phone lines, Alarm system monitoring lines, card payment lines and lines used in connection with Access Control on remote Doors/gates etc. These functions will need to move to either a VoIP or mobile SIM based product. It is likely mobile SIM cards will replace many lines for Alarm Monitoring or remote Gates.

Other Add Ons

Recorded Calls

With our telephone solutions, there are additional add ins such as recorded calls which you can access from any computer system without the need to be on site. Also play these on demand.

Digital Analytics

Get up to date, live stats of your call records to see call times and number of calls, length of calls and more. Create your own custom call dashboard suited to you and your requirements.


With each installation, we provide all necessary cables if needed and will professionally install these providing you with peace of mind.

Fixed Line

Looking for a reliable connection based at one location, we can ensure you have a dedicated connection.

Automated Dialling

Allow for more time to talk to your prospects and less time dialling with our automated dialling solutions which can scale with your business

Presence and Messaging

Easily connect with colleagues over phone, video, instant messaging or web collaboration.